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We are working to build the premiere NE site for all PPG pilots to learn, fly and hang-out with friends and peers. Flying here is not like flying on the coast. When you become an alumni of our training program you will have lifetime support with your continuing advancement as a pilot. You have my word on it.
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Train on our Gear
Sure, we sell equipment but then flying is tough without it! If you have gear, bring it. If you need gear then buy after you learn just to make sure this is for you! When you are ready then we can help you get set-up for flying when you return home.


Helmets, Radios, Harness, Spares, Etc
Training includes Ground School, Flight Simulator, Practical Exercise and Video review to help students quickly progress.
 Training doesn't stop here however and we will make sure you achieve the skills necessary for solo flight and the ongoing support to grow into an accomplished pilot.

    Exciting News!
    All new students starting April 1st will have an accidental Life/Disability and Liability policy in their name, effective their date of arrival. All included in standard tuition!
    An industry first, we put our students first!

    3/5/18 - We now have expanded our wing sales to include the BGD Design wings, for thos who want the very best!
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    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 2 hours.
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